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High-efficiency Screw Press





The high efficiency screw press supplies the sludge cohered to the mechanical extractor, the filtrate ejects from the inlet part by the energy of the screw rotated at a low speed, (0.2~1.3rpm) over the outlet according to the reduction of the screw volume through the screen of the screw surrounding and it dehydrates.
It is comprised of the screen classified into the strong screw wing of the structure and concentration part, dehydration part, and compressor.


1. Energy Save with Lower Power Operation
2. Cake Reduction by Lower Cake Moisture
3. Improvement of Working Environment by No Noise Operation
4. Simple Structure & Easy Maintenance
5. Stable Operation against Change of Inlet Concentration (0.8~10%)
6. Reduction Maintenance Cost by Automatic Operation
7. Remove Odor with Airtight Deodorant Cover
8. Washing Water Reduction by Over-95% Recovery Rate of SS.


1. Sewage, Surplus & Digest Sludge
2. Thickened Sludge from Filtration Plant
3. Settled, Floated and Third Sludge from Paper & Pulp Plant
4. Waste Water Sludge from Chemical, Tannery and Dyeing Plant
5. Waste Water Sludge from Production Processing of Food Industry
6. Drainage Sludge from River Dredging & Industrial Processing


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Flow Diagram