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Filter Press Side Bar Type





SFP(Sidebar Filter Press) is to filter and dewater sludge from waste water created from various plants and houses.
Suitable for waste-water processing plants, it can eliminate up to 50% of sludge by high pressure dewatering and drying. SFP(Sidebar Filter Press) has a suitable structure for high pressure dewatering and its life is extended with optimal materials selected through structure analysis. SFP(Sidebar Filter Press) the only high pressure sludge dewatering machine in Korea of which slurry supply pressure is around 12~14kg/㎠ and dewatering pressure is 16~20kg/cm.


*Demolding Unit
Instead of conventional ratchets, conveyors are employed to reduce processing time by two to four times. Also, as the unit can be radio controlled, it is convenient for cake separation and maintenance.

*Cloth Washing Unit
Due to sludge smaller than filter cloth pores, clogging takes place. And this leads to shorter pump life and filter cloth damage. So, the filter cloth washing unit with high pressure nozzles and brushes is added to remove foreign materials on the filter cloths.


- Sewage treatmen, Chemical industries
- Food processing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing
- Tire manufacturing
- Paint industries



※ Option

· Drip Pan

· Cake Scraping System

· Cloth Washing System

· Cloth Vibrating System

· Continuous Demolding System 

· Cake Discharge Conveyor 

· Cake Hopper

· Support & Walk Way 

· Cake Washing System

· Cake Dry System

Demolding unit


Cunveryor방식의 Fiter Plate 이송장치로써 기존의 ratchet 방식보다 2~4배 이상 공정 시간을 단축 시켰습니다.

Unit의 전후 이동을 무선 control이 가능하며 cake탈리 및 정비, 점검시 작업이 용이 합니다.

Cloth washing unit


Filter cloth 여과막 보다 미세한 sludge에 의해 일정 시간 사용 후 여과막의 막힘 현상이 발생합니다. 이로 인해 펌프의 수명단축 및 filter cloth의 손상 등이 발생할 수 있으므로 이를 방지하기 위하여 filter cloth를 세척하기 위한 장치를 부가합니다. 자동으로 고압 세척 nozzle과 brush로 filter cloth에 막혀있는 cake 잔류물 등을 세척하여 탈수 효율을 높여줍니다.