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Filter Press Over Head Type





OFP(OverHead Filter Press) is to filter and dewater sludge from waste water created from various plants and houses.
Suitable for waste-water processing plants, it can eliminate up to 50% of sludge by high pressure dewatering and drying. OFP(OverHead Filter Press) has a suitable structure for high pressure dewatering and its life is extended with optimal materials selected through structure analysis. OFP(OverHead Filter Press) the only high pressure sludge dewatering machine in Korea of which slurry supply pressure is around 12~14kg/㎠ and dewatering pressure is 16~20kg/cm.


· 연속식 케이크 박리 장치로 사이클 타임을 줄입니다.

· 견고한 프레임으로 내구력을 향상시켰습니다.

· 심플한 디자인으로 외관이 미려합니다.

· 여과판 상부에 팬을 설치하여 케이크 등의 오염을 방지합니다.

· 다양한 산업현장의 특성에 맞는 사양을 제공해 드립니다.


- Sewage treatmen, Chemical industries
- Food processing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing
- Tire manufacturing
- Paint industries



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