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Thickening Decanter Centrifuges





In the auto control mode, although the concentration of the input sludge changes from time to time, THICKENING DECANTER CENTRIFUGE control automatically for different speed value, ejected flude is constant concentrate and possible to continuous treatment with setted density value.
The residual sludge of the low concentration is ejected into the high enrichment and even though the coagulant is not used, the solid (SS) can be removed over the recovery rate 90%.


THICKENING DECANTER CENTRIFUGE is useful to the concentration which is successive with the method in which it concentrates the sludge to the optimum efficiency by causing the artificial specific gravity difference in the sludge, in comparison with the gravity thickening and the other method. The facility size is small. Since minimizing the environment harmfulness problem and increasing the concentrate stability and process efficiency, it excludes the settling tank of the sludge processing, digestion tank, dehydration process, auxiliary facility, and etc. or reduces and can install.


It apply when recovery ratio of solid is bad as down of settleability in surplus, mixing sludge for Chemistry, Steel, food processing
sludge, livestock and human waste, food treatment plant, sewage treatment plant.



(주) 1. 처리용량, 성능, 약주유무, 치수 및 중량, 처리물성 등은 주문사양에 따라 달라지고 제품개선에 따라 변경될 수 있습니다.

       2. 출력, 전기등급, 재질, 차동모터, 적용구조의 사양은 사용요구조건에 따라 선택가능합니다.

       3. 처리용량은 투입물량(㎥/hr)과 고형물량(kg)을 대비하여 처리용량을 선정하여야 하고 약품 첨가시 처리용량을 증가할 수 있습니다.

       4. 처리용량은 유입수의 농도변화에 따라 변할 수 있습니다.

Flow Diagram