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Solid-Liquid Separator





The centrifuge corresponds to the particles separation and dehydration required as the various kind and many forms in the overall industrial field according to the characteristic of the workpiece selectively.
With the consecutively control operation, continuous process for input-sedimentation -dehydration-exhaustiontransfer and etc. is performed from xx ㎛ to xx mm size.
It's kinds of centrifuge which concentration of the workpiece is 0~50% and object can be extensive and which can large scale treatment and maximize of separation efficiency.


Particularly the centrifuge is the instrument it is helpfully used in the chemistry Powder manufacture and calcium carbonate (CaCo3) manufacturing process of needing the separation precisely and in which the recycling collection of PE of the waste plastic and PP and light PVC add the lubricant and which can separate efficiently and in the sorting process, possible to consecutively do the large scale treatment.


It applies to various fields, civil sludge, food sludge, chemical industry, food processing industry, steel industry, waste plastic,
waste oil refining, water treatment by-product, plant, and etc



Flow Diagram