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Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges





DEWATERING DECANTER use centrifugal force which is applied by the thousands times of the gravity inside the ratation Bowl, solid & moisture is broken down and the solid is the ejected by low moisture Cake with the shear and compression force effect.
By using of specific gravity and centrifugal force, treat as dried sluge. by dewatering of fluid which is flowed in the outside drum (Bowl) within the fast time,


Particularly, automatic difference reduction device changes automatically the speed of rotation of the Bowl and Screw,Fix CAKE moisture content and recovery rate consistently according to the concentration of the sludge flowing in.
The environmental harmful factor is less than the other dewatering decanter and automatic operation is steadily possible through the convenient operating method.
Since the residual sludge of the very low concentration or surplus and mixed sludge can be efficiently dried, it can process with the easy maintenance and high efficiency.


The moisture is separated from the solid generated in the inorganic wastewater sludg of Swage & waste water sludge, human waste
sludge, animal products sludge, concentrate & dewatering process sludge, pretreatment sludge, chemical. steel, food, civil, etc and the Cake moisture content and fixed recovery rate is consistently fixed.



(주) 1. 처리용량, 성능, 약주유무, 치수 및 중량, 처리물성 등은 주문사양에 따라 달라지고 제품개선에 따라 변경될 수 있습니다.

       2. 출력, 전기등급, 재질, 차동모터, 적용구조의 사양은 사용요구조건에 따라 선택가능합니다.

       3. 처리용량은 투입물량(㎥/hr)과 고형물량(kg)을 대비하여 처리용량을 선정하여야 하고 약품 첨가시 처리용량을 증가할 수 있습니다.

       4. 처리용량은 유입수의 농도변화에 따라 변할 수 있습니다.

Flow Diagram